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Here is a list of resources at your disposal.


Support Services


The Québec Film and Television Council’s mission is to contribute to the development of Québec’s competitiveness as a world-class film and television production centre. Since 2016, IATSE 514 is proudly a QFTC Prestige Partner.



This Québec Film Sourcebook has everything you need to know about filming in Quebec: film incentives, pre-production, equipment, studios, post-production, visual effects, etc.


The City of Montreal has its own Film and TV Commission (MFTC) which works hand in hand with the QFTC to make Montreal a true film-friendly city in every way it can.,7006316&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL



The Laurentian Film and TV Commission (BCTL) was established in 1997 to encourage film producers to shoot their exterior scenes in the Laurentians, Montreal’s great outdoors. Parts of Warm Bodies, Red 2 and Zero Hour, among others, were shot in the area.



In Québec City, Tourism Development and Major Events Office, acts as a one-stop facilitator and film commission to help coordinate services for movie shoots and television productions.



Gatineau-Outaouais Film and Television Office provides you with a one-stop service for your productions.


Tax Credit Programs


The Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) manages Québec’s tax credit program. Several English documents are available.


The Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC) is a refundable tax credit designed to encourage the employment of Canadians by a taxable Canadian corporation or a foreign-owned corporation the activities of which are primarily in the film (or video) production business or related services.


Studios and Equipment Rentals

MELS is Canada’s largest provider of services to the entertainment industry.


The new guy in town, MTL GRANDÉ offers a wide range of studios, office, and warehouse locations.


Payroll Services


Cast & Crew - A well-known provider of payroll services to the entertainment industry.




Ease - A full-service entertainment payroll, technology and incentives tracking firm.



EP Canada - the leading provider of payroll services to the entertainment industry in Canada.